LIVE Transmission

LIVE is one of the leading providers of radio and television transmission in the Middle East. In the UAE, our extensive network includes 20 radio and television transmission stations, strategically placed throughout the country to insure complete coverage of all seven Emirates. Internationally, we offer FM transmission throughout the GCC, while our short wave services cover the majority of the planet.

FM Services

LIVE services 48 FM channels located in the UAE’s major cities. We provide FM transmission to radio channels such as Abu Dhabi Radio Network, Sharjah Media, Dubai Media, Radio Sawa and Gulf News. Our FM transmissions also extend to the wider GCC, providing radio services in countries such as Bahrain and Qatar.

Microwave Link

LIVE is equipped with the latest microwave technologies, which enable us to facilitate HD live coverage of outdoor events, even over a large area. Our eight MW links can carry HD video and four channel audio over a distance of up to 70 kilometers. Combined with a Cineflex camera onboard a moving vehicle, boat or helicopter, these links can transmit stunning perspectives of sports or news events in real time to viewers around the world.

Short Wave Services

Our SW services include the world’s largest SW antenna system, installed in Dhabeyya Station (DHA) and complete with 42 antennas. This has enabled our radio transmission to cover most of the world’s continents, including North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Because of our extensive reach, our SW services have also been used to coordinate rescue efforts during emergencies and disasters.

Medium Wave Services

LIVE is the first provider to offer DRM transmission in the MENA region. Our medium wave services include seven AM transmission with a power range between fifty kilowatts to two megawatts.

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