cameras systems

LIVE has different types of hyper-motion camera systems in-house.

4-Sky – Phantom v642

Robotic camera systems
& Jimmy jibs

ROSS FURIO robotic camera systems with a variety of strait and curved tracks.
Jimmy jib Triangle systems. All type of configurations (lengths) Available as single operator setup, Tabletop setup. Dutch-head and track options available

Gyro stabilized camera systems

Stabilized camera systems equipped with broadcast camera system & lenses. Mount types available for helicopter, car, boat, quad bike ……

Steadicam systems

TIFFEN Archer2 system including Hi-Brightness Monitor

HF Camera systems

GIGAWAVE HF camera systems based on LDK8000 camera. Includes full iris control


Full HD solution including live transmission.
Systems can fly up to 16 minutes continuously.
Quick battery change system. Can be used with wind speeds up to 70km/h.

Russian Arm

Based on Ford F-150 Raptor the Russian arm including Gyros stabilized Flight head the systems can be used both on standard roads and off-road. Camera and lens type upon request

Post production

LIVE hosts a post-production environment that is equipped as follows:

9 ‘Final Cut Pro 7’ Edit Suites.
6 ‘Avid Media Composers (version 6) in the Production area.
5 ‘Avid Media Composers (version 6)? in the News area.
On location Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid standalone machines and laptops.

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