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LIVE Design offers a range of design and set build services for both indoor and outdoor TV sets, exhibition stands and stage design. Our set design team has in depth expertize that covers various broadcast formats, including news, talk shows, film and drama, sports coverage and lifestyle TV.

Our event and exhibition team have designed for both large-scale campaigns as well as exclusive events.

Our seamless project management methods ensures a smooth customer experience from the coordination of the design, the construction processes, the use of innovative technology to finally producing a product that creatively elevates your brand.

Our design process

Concept development and design planning

By conducting regular meetings and site visits, our art directors and production designers capture your vision, understand your requirements and tailor a package that bests suits your project needs.

Schematic design

Our design team will submit visuals and 2D renderings of your ideas, including floor and camera layout. The team will work closely with the client, taking their every input into consideration up to delivering the final construction drawings.

Execution and supervision

From the largest backdrops to the smallest accent piece, our teams at LIVE design closely supervises the building process to ensure quality and vibrancy that shows, whether on-stage or on-camera.


Our creative and high-tech lighting solutions can transform any set or event, making it both unforgettable and broadcast-ready. We offer outdoor, indoor and studio lighting solutions for a range of venues including auditoriums, concert halls and stages.

Our lighting director and engineers work closely with LIVE designers and TV directors to create lighting solutions that expertly enhance the tone and style of your production.

Our services include generation of 2D and 3D lighting plots and close supervision during set build up and throughout the event or broadcast.

Our experienced lighting director also acts as a consultant, providing recommendations and creative ideas that can illuminate any production.

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